ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS is currently accepting script submission for consideration as future projects. There are however several conditions that must be met before we accept a script for evaluation. (last update 02/07/2016)


We are currently accepting feature length scripts in all areas except the following: no sequels to existing movies, no scripts based on published works (books), no comedies, no musicals, no Broadway or off/Broadway Play films, no adult material (X/XXX), no foreign language, no nature films, no animal films, no films involving vehicles or inanimate objects and no anime.


1. A submitted script must be an original work, complete and in finished form to which you have exclusive rights as originator. We do not accept incomplete, unfinished, or a rough drafts. WE DO NOT ACCEPT OUTLINES, LOGLINES OR TREATMENTS. Your script must be properly credited and copyrighted or registered with WAG. You must provide proof of this with your submission.

2. Before sending a script, please read the SUBMISSION DISCLOSURE and AGREEMENT below. By sending your script, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

3. You must have a representing agent or legal counsel readily available should script negotiations become necessary. We have limited resources and must make sure that those resources are not wasted. If your script has been submitted to more than one production company you must let us know immediately. Should your script be considered a viable candidate for our production company, you must be prepared to sign a letter of commitment with ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS, Inc. Should the reverse become true with another company, you must inform us immediately. ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS, Inc. retains the right to refuse to comment on any material it receives.

4. We encourage the use of e-mail to send scripts to the studio. We DO NOT ACCEPT scripts by way of referals or download links. You MUST SEND THE ACTUAL SCRIPT as an attachment with your e-mail. We accept works in Final Draft 6, Wordperfect (10 or less), Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat (7 or less) or as a simple text file. If you choose to send your script by mail, then the following rules apply:

ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS, Inc. is not responsible for damaged, lost, or misdirected mail. Submissions will NOT be returned unless you provide a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope in which to return your work. It must have sufficient postage to cover proper shipping with Return Receipt Requested postage. Submissions without a pre-paid return become the property of ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS and will be stored for future consideration and/or properly disposed of at some time in the future. There will be no exceptions.

5. With your submission, you must include a cover letter which includes the following information:

Full Legal name, complete address, telephone number, e-mail address, titles of any previously published works or produced scripts, a brief biography, the name of your agent and telephone number (type 'self' if none), the name of your script, the date of completion, the date of last rewrite, the names of any and all writers or contributors to your work (include copies of letters of permission from everyone involved), a short synopsis of your script (50 words or less) and a tag line (not necessary). You must also include the following statement "I have read and acknowledge and agree to the Elemorphix Studios, Inc. Submission Disclosure and Agreement." You must sign and date below that statement.


NOTE: We have been absolutely flooded with script submissions, beyond the level we ever anticipated. Apparently, our automatic response module from our servers is no longer sending confirmation e-mails upon initial receipt. Rest assured that the scripts are being processed on a first-come/first-serve basis, but you WILL ONLY receive communication from us IF it is decided that we would be interested in optioning your work. Should you sell/commit/option your submitted work somewhere else within the first six (6) months, then PLEASE LET US KNOW your work is no longer available to our studio. (last update 10/18/2014)

Once a submission has been received by ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS, it will be processed on a first-come/first-serve basis. Please do not follow up unless you have a competing offer from another production company, etc. Other follow-up inquiries will not accelerate the evaluation process. Our evaluation, depending on current work load could be several weeks or many months. Regardless of how long the review process lasts, when it is complete, we WILL respond to you by e-mail with our decision and/or any additional changes/re-writes that we feel might make the script a candidate for production.


In submitting your script (your "Work") for consideration by Elemorphix Studios, Inc. you acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. Elemorphix Studios, Inc. selects scripts, in its sole discretion, for production from a large pool of submitted material, and is in no way obligated to produce or consider your Work. Elemorphix Studios, Inc. will not produce or distribute or license your Work without a signed Production and Licensing Agreement between you and Elemorphix Studios, Inc.
2. You represent and warrant (a) that your Work does not infringe upon any third party's copyright or property or publicity right; (b) that your Work is original, and was created and/or written solely by you; and (c) that your Work is not libelous or unlawful.
3. You acknowledge that other persons, including without limitation Elemorphix Studios, Inc. personnel, may have independently originated and submitted to Elemorphix Studios, Inc. and other material that may be similar or substantially identical to the material you are submitting to Elemorphix Studios, Inc., and may in the future originate and submit such material, or make it public or produce and distribute such works. You agree that you have no right, title, and/or interest in such independently originated material. You further agree that you will not provide to Elemorphix Studios, Inc., any material you deem to be "confidential" or "trade secret" materials.
4. You hereby agree to indemnify and hold Elemorphix Studios, Inc. (and its agents) harmless from any and all claims, demands, costs and liabilities that may arise in connection with breach or repudiation by you of this Submission Disclosure and Agreement.


ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any submitted works. Submissions must survive a legal vetting in the event the studio exercises an interest to produce the script. We reserve the right to use outside resources in the evaluation of all script material and content. Submissions sent without written agreement of the SUBMISSION DISCLOSURE and AGREEMENT can be automatically rejected by ELEMORPHIX STUDIOS, Inc. at its discretion, but the author/writer will still be subject to that agreement.

To send your script by mail:

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