PROJECTS in various stages of PRODUCTION

Elemorphix Studios, Inc. will be providing updated information on current film projects, in production or post-production only, on this page.

...a burning desire to move ahead, regardless of the speed...

* * * Current status of projects * * *

"TG" - our first animated short - current status - in Production (updt 10/15/2014)

"The Disney Project" -content production-current status - in Production (updt 10/16/2014)

"TLOTBR" -our first full length animated feature-current status - in Financing (updt 09/30/2014)


 (the picture above is of the main office - taken 09/14/07 - so much has changed since then - magic happens here) (the walls are now absolutely covered with work items. Hard to believe they were that empty once)

A QUICK UPDATE: While finances have not exactly been falling freely from the skies, we have managed to get several projects off the ground. Production is now FINALLY ongoing. 10/01/2014

After a difficult financial chapter, our ongoing projects have been resumed. 01/08/2011

We are in the production phase of our first short ("TG") with a revised estimated completion of December, '10. - 02/15/10




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