12/20/07 - Development is proceeding as expected. A little slow due to so many possible distractions, but moving along. We will be taking our hiatus (over the holidays) shortly. Updates will resume in early January.

12/04/07 - Character development is progressing, but at a slower pace than expected. Due to some recent distractions, we have had to re-prioritize certain aspects of production, including post refinements of the storyboards. Titling effects for post production have been delayed until after the final cuts of our first short ("TG"). We have scheduled a much needed hiatus for the final week of December and first week of January.

11/26/07 - Thanksgiving behind us, it is back to work. We have selected some additional software packages for music and background sounds which should allow easier audio environment development for our film projects. Also, we suffered a delay with our contractor, so some of the final construction details have been postponed for the time being.

11/01/07 - Work will begin this coming week to complete the final construction requirements in the rear of the studio (it needs to be completed before it gets too cold and the ground begins to freeze). We expect to finish the walls and painting of the Sound Stage after the work is complete. Installation of the wood floor will begin immediately after that. Also, computer systems and network installation has begun throughout the studio. Appropriate steps are being taken to insure the security and privacy of our data content.

10/19/07 - Development continues on the 3D characters for our first short ("TG"). Work is completing on scene backgrounds and layouts. We have decided to remain entirely in the PC environment (rather than MAC) simply because we have greater flexibility and a larger choice of software solutions for the various task required to complete our productions.

10/02/07 - Work continues on scene backgrounds and layouts. We have also been working with several music and sound software packages to determine which would best be suited for our workflow. Some issues of compatibility and crossplatform operability (we use PC as opposed to MAC which is more prevalent in the industry) have arisen but are solvable. Also, initial studies have been made regarding the render farm we will need to complete projects.

09/11/07 - We have been experimenting with projection systems in our studio preview/screening area. It is expected that in the next three weeks, this section of the studio will be complete and in operational use.

09/05/07 - Construction work has resumed on the portions of the studio have remained unfinished. We expect that the projection/preview cinema area of the studio will be completed this month. Work on our first short "TG" is continuing.

08/09/07 - The hiatus is over . . . and we are back.

07/18/07 - Work has begun on textures and color selections for major scenes of "TG". Primary 3D characters are still in development. Adjustment have had to be made to the basic structures so proper rigging can be applied during the final stages. Due to certain schedule changes, we will be on hiatus until first week of August.

07/06/07 - Scene backgrounds and lighting setups are being developed. The creation of the primary 3D characters is coming along quite well. We expect to have the first fully textured production previews ready in approximately 2 weeks. Once the primary group is complete, we will move on to rigging and scripting. We do not as of yet have signed voice talent for the short "TG" or the full feature "TLOTBR" - a problem that will need to be solved within the next 30-45 days.

06/29/07 - Scene layouts and motion tracks are being developed. We are having issues with details of certain Texture Bitmaps, but the problem should be resolved in the next few weeks. Also, progress on the creation of the primary soundtrack has been made but there is no definitive final cut available at this time.

06/12/07 - Time and Frame coding is being done on the completed script for "TG." Background visuals and matte paintings are being composed. We expect to have the final production storyboards complete within one week.

06/05/07 - Actual production of our first short "TG" has begun. It expected that we will meet the scheduled deadline of 60 days, assuming the choices of software packages deliver the proper quality of content. Also, some of the minor construction completions in the studio will begin next week.

05/25/07 - We have been evaluating the production usefulness of actual 3D maquettes in the development of the primary characters of our first feature. It is more of an "old school" approach. The technique, if the maquettes are articulated, would allow us to create stills and motion capture clips that can be translated into on-screen motion. These scenes may allow us to significantly increase the volume of produced work. The next two months will give us these answers.

05/02/07 - Work has begun on the DAWs (Digital Audio Workstation) that will be used in the studio for recording and scoring our projects. Recent changes have also created the requirement to update some of the editing software that we have been using for the past year. Musical layout and sound effects scoring to our first project (TG) has begun.

04/18/07 - We have returned from Florida from our two week hiatus. Our work is resuming.

03/29/07 - Some of the 3D packages that where selected in the final round of performance tests have, after extensive examination, not provided the ease of use that was expected. As a result, we are testing several additional 3D packages. It has become evident that our anticipated workflow for animated projects will require cross-platform software solutions and a more complex integration to produce the final media product. Also, a script rewrite for our first project (TG) is in progress. Character development and 3D modeling (for TG) will begin in April as scheduled

03/12/07 - We are finally listed on IMDbPro (see http://pro.imdb.com/company/co0202414/ ). Although the information is not complete, we have submitted updates that, as we where told, may take several weeks to post.

03/01/07 - Final script version to the animated short (TG) is ready for review. Preliminary storyboards are now being drawn. Also, our selections of 3D ANIMATION software packages has been extended due to limitations in the direction of workflow of certain packages. We are still undecided if motion capure software can or will be used or if we should continue with pure animation that requires a higher time-to-completion element.

02/12/07 - Final selections of 3D ANIMATION software packages are being completed this week as well as installations of the post-production editing/effects suites. Also, within the next two weeks, the final script revisions to the animated short (TG) will be complete.

01/20/07 - Our first animated short (TG) is now in production. A tentative completion date has been set for August, 2007. Our first full length animated project (TLOTBR) is officially in pre-production. Our Delaware facility is currently being used exclusively for TG and TLOTBR for the next 3-4 months, as a result, certain physical features in the soundstages have been delayed to late spring. This will have no affect on current workflow and production.

01/05/07 - We want to formally welcome Susan Sharp as an active cast/production member of Elemorphix Studios, Inc. -- Her official title is "Marketing Assistant/Graphic Artist." Welcome and the best of luck Susan!! She will be actively involved in the production of our first animated short - code named "TG." Effective immediately, all of our productions listed on this website will be referred by code names until the post-production is complete and the features are ready for distribution.

12/15/06 - Driveway and parking area is complete. Final landscaping, which has no affect on day-to-day business, has ben delayed until spring (for warmer weather). One additional project, tentatively titled "Tall Grass" has been added to our pre-production schedule.

12/07/06 - Driveway and parking facility are being completed within the next two weeks as well as some of the final electrical set-ups in the Soundstage areas. Also, we are now actively soliciting for financing on the three major studio projects for the 2007/2008 season.

11/01/06 - Sound checks and testing has begun in the studio. We are actively evaluating the installation and equipment. The difficulty is currently in identifying the natural "sweet" spots in the studio and to resolve the issues with the ceiling installation. Also, our list of potential projects has grown to more than double its size from the previous month.

09/29/06 - We have decided to complete the Sound Stage as a multi-use environment. This means that the facility will also be used as a Foley Stage and a Green Screen stage. The Isolation Room will have additional equipment installed for use as a potential radio broadcasting sound room. The initial Post-Production Editing has yielded some design changes in the Control Room layout, primarily to accommodate more video editing equipment. The Screening Room/area has been started. We are anticipating a maximum screen size of 12' x 6' with adjustable side and bottom curtains and a maximum seating of 20-25.

09/18/06 - Limited Post-Production Editing has begun using the new Control Room. More equipment has been installed and the cabling is progressing. We postponed the grand-opening party for a few weeks until the rest of the facility is completed.

08/24/06 - More equipment has been arriving at the studio. We are in the process of setting up the Control Room as well as the electronic cabling necessary between the Sound Stage and the Isolation Room.

08/10/06 - ...and we are back. Work on the Studio has resumed after a short (and much needed) hiatus. We will adjust completion dates accordingly.

07/17/06 - Computer Systems and network installation has begun. Due to summer (normal) staff shortages, the network wiring will not be completed until mid-August.

06/30/06 - Due to some some delays with the electrical installations and the sound wiring between the Sound Stage, Control Room and Isolation booth, we have pushed the completion date to mid August. Work is continuing uninterrupted in the other areas of our studio. At the end of July we will be scouting the Central Florida area for a suitable location for Studio #2.

06/08/06 - Elemorphix Studios has adopted a new studio logo. It incorporates, from left to right, the swirling of freeform creative elements (left side) to a solid defined structure (right side), completely placed in a wide-screen movie frame. This logo will be placed in brush motion during the opening screens of Elemorphix Studios productions.

05/31/06 - Studio#1 - Sound Stage 1 - Installation of the soundproof glass (windows) has started. Carpeting and wood floor installation should begin next week. We are still projecting a completion of the facility by June 15.

05/18/06 - Studio#1 - Sound Stage 1 - Level 1 ceiling for Sound Stage, Control Room and Isolation Room has been installed.

05/12/06 - Studio#1 - Sound Stage 1, Control Room and Isolation Booth wall painting has begun. Ceiling and doors should be installed this coming week. Carpeting for the Control Room and Isolation Booth and the wooden floor tiles for Sound Stage 1 should be started this coming week also. Also, the post-production floor area is complete, with the exception of electrical, which is in progress.

05/09/06 - Studio#1 - Sound Stage 1 sound proof double-glass (tempered) for the windows of the sound stage/control room and control room/isolation booth have arrived.

05/08/06 - Our on-line store has been enhanced to accept PayPal payments as well as all forms of credit card transactions. We are now in the process of developing the shopping cart system that will run our site. You will be able to purchase our DVDs, CDs, posters, artwork, film photographs, authentic 35mm film frames from our features,studio clothing, film memorabilia, etc.

05/04/06 - Studio#1 - The over-sized sound proof doors for the Sound Stage, Control Room and Isolation booth are being assembled. Installation and soundproofing of the door panels should be complete next week.

04/22/06 - Studio#1 - Initial Control room equipment has been ordered. Assuming we stay on schedule, the Sound Stage/Studio Control room should be operational on schedule.

04/03/06 - Studio#1 - Sound Stage 1 sound proof double-glass windows for sound stage/control room and control room/isolation booth are on their way.

03/17/06 - Studio#1 - Sound Stage 1 walls have been sound proofed. Ceiling and door installation and sound proofing has begun.

03/10/06 - Studio#1 - Sound Stage 1 sound proofing and electrical wiring has begun.

03/07/06 - Studio#1 - Isolation booth has been sound proofed.

02/22/06 - Studio#1 - Isolation booth is in first stages of being soundproofed. We have started electrical and sound wiring installation in the Control Room.

02/18/06 - Studio#1 - Control Room internal walls have been fully soundproofed, as well as external walls of Sound Stage and Isolation booth.

02/14/06 - Studio#1 had its first white roof over the weekend.

02/09/06 - Studio hardware and electronics (the tech toys) are starting to arrive at Studio#1.

01/31/06 - New Studio Logo design is in progress.

01/27/06 - Project #1 - TLOTBR is finally, officially, in pre-production.

01/25/06 - No "Sundance" tap dancing for us...yet. While the festival is going on, we will keep a sharp eye on "The Weinstein Company" and its aquisitions.


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