ShowEast (25th year) being held at the Marriott Orlando World Center, Orlando, Florida - see you there.

November AFM (American Film Market) in California.

December- 2010 Hollywood Digital Film Festival at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood, California.

January - NATP 2012 (National Association of Television Producers) in Mandalay Bay Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada.

January - Sundance Film Festival in Colorado

April - NAB 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.



01/30//2012 - It seems some of our immediate competition is closely watching our progress and using update information posted here against us. As a result, we will limit updates to official news releases only.

01/08/2011 - After a difficult financial chapter, out ongoing projects have been resumed.

10/14/09 - Matte painting backgrounds are being produced for our first short "TG" using some of the new tools we've acquired. Character rigging and programming is going slow however, primarily because we have not settled on which set of tools would be best for our production pipeline. This delay has cause us to re-do certain aspects of the of the process in different and incompatible tools. We are hoping to have this resolved in the next 60 days.

08/17/09 - ...and we are back from a short hiatus. Work continues. We are also exploring an intriguing idea for a documentary, which depending on support staff, may be our first outsourced project.

06/15/09 - More studio equipment was placed on order this week. We expect delivery and installation to start by the end of the week. On-going projects are proceeding at a steady pace.

05/01/09 - Today marks ten days since the official start of what we call "The Disney Project." This program is expected to run for at least 2 years and will produce a quantity of unique copyrighted content. We are looking forward to a positive and long lasting experience in the production phase of this new project. Also, progress on our first short "TG" is continuing as planned.

04/23/09 - And we are back....

04/09/09 - We will be on hiatus for approximately 2 weeks.

03/11/09 - Camera tracking and Lighting set-ups are being built for our for short "TG". Also, we are experiencing difficulty with certain rigging scripts due to the manual nature of the script programming. We are not using any form of motion capture shortcuts, therefore this area will take some time to correct.

02/09/09 - Work continues on "TG" (our first short film). The previous month proved slow going, but our animation work is improving and we are getting better workflow. Currently there are two additional scripts which are nearing completion which may become features in the future.

01/12/09 - And we are back. Its been a short but good break and now...back to the movie business.

12/23/08 - We will be on hiatus for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and joyous Happy New year!

12/04/08 - Level 1 glass has finally been installed in the Sound Stage/Control Room and Control Room/Isolation Booth windows. Once the audio cables have been completely installed through both those walls, we will begin sound checks. This will determine if the Level 2 glass installation is needed. Also, a recent trip to NYC and the B&H superstore gave us a chance to identify a preliminary selection of microphones for use in our studio.

11/08/08 - Development and fine tuning of our Render Farm continues. We will be adding a massive storage fileserver for post-production files and render storage and a media archive/vault system for historical content storage. This "should" be integrated by the end of the month. We are worried about legacy support, since even with Blu-Ray, we are still limited to 25GB-50GB max per disk. But a solution should present itself soon. Also, Soundstage/Control room wiring has begun.

10/16/08 - Our first (basic) Render Farm is finally up and running. While currently limited in the number of cpu's, the plan is to add a few more, depending on performance requirements. The current configuration should cut down the rendering time by approximate factor of seven.


In the coming weeks we will begin to tweak the software to take full advantage of all resources.

09/29/08 - Now that TWO of our banks (that we have been using for years) have gone down and lending terms have tightened to the point of being totally unavailable in the commercial sector, we are contemplating Private Venture Capital funding for our ongoing projects. Also, due to the turbulent market conditions, the projected completion of our company going public have been temporarily halted. On the positive side, we will continue as a private company.

09/09/08 - Our in-house A/V equipment is being installed in the Soundstage as well as the support cabling.

08/16/08 - ...and we are back in the studio. Quite a few new contacts have been made in Florida (central) with voice and music talent that could be used in our future projects. Actually the amount of contacts was unexpected and as a result more rewarding. Work is resuming in the studio on the few structural items still needing completion.

07/25/08 - We are going on a long awaited hiatus. Work will resume when we return.

07/09/08 - Work is proceeding slowly with our first short ("TG"). Changes to our Isolation Booth and the Control Room are being made in order to accommodate easier access to the sound wiring between those two rooms.

06/14/08 - All tiles of the Soundstage floor have been placed. The floor is now complete. We are finishing with the process of hanging the few remaining ceiling tiles. Immediately afterwards, the glass observation windows will be mounted between the Soundstage and the Control Room.

06/04/08 - The walls of our Soundstage are finally complete. We are in the process of finishing off the ceiling tiles and laying down the final floor covering. Sound testing will begin after the glass window is in place. Our first short ("TG") is coming along, but the going is slow.

05/06/08 - ...and we are back.

04/17/08 - We are on a much needed hiatus. Work will resume shortly.

03/21/08 - We are now at the stage of planning the ADR and other sound requirements for our first short ("TG"). While our sound facility is not quite complete, we are addressing the software requirements and hardware considerations that will be needed to give our productions a true "Hollywood" sound. Within the next few weeks decisions about which voice-over talent will be used as well as the general theme and music genre will be completed.

03/06/08 - Planning and construction of our in-house theater facility has begun. This will be used in post-production as a final product viewing area, prior to public releases of our films. While modest in size, comparable to other larger studios, it will do the job for us quite effectively. Production on our first short ("TG") is proceeding at a slower pace than expected but we expect that to change very shortly.

02/14/08 - New equipment and new software - need we say any more? Some changes in our studio layout is planned for next month and, if all goes well, we will have initial screen shots for the opening scenes of our first short ("TG")

01/09/08 - Officially back from hiatus. It was a much needed break and greatly appreciated. Ongoing projects are resuming as scheduled. More detailed update will follow in a few weeks.

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